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Ferntree Orthodontics was established in the early 1990s. From day one there has been an attempt to create a green practice. The very first appointment card given to the first patient was printed on recycled paper. The policy of conservation is encouraged and practiced in both business and private life. Orthodontic (and dental) practice involves a considerable use of disposable items.

  • Our Environmental Policy
  • We support the following organisations
  • How can you contribute?
Our Environmental Policy

We follow the strictest infection control routines, and all items that are not approved for autoclaving and sterilizing are single use only. In addition, all braces, wires, appliances etc are of course, also single use only and disposed of. Each appointment involves the use of plastic wrap and barriers on all working surfaces that are disposed of prior to the next patient.

Due to the above required use of single use plastics and other materials, we make a concerted effort to recycle and minimise wastage in other areas. We have always used only recycled paper. All our computers, heating/cooling and lighting are switched off when not in use. We also use power saving lighting. We also utilise our own solar electric power.

We support the following organisations

We also provide ongoing support to various environmental organisations, including World Wildlife Fund, Australian Conservation Foundation and Greenpeace. We know not all our patients agree with all their policies, but we believe the world is better off with these organisations than without them.

How can you contribute?

We would ask that you assist us by:

  1. If your appointment card is still in good condition, to reuse it.
  2. We provide toothbrushes to our patients. If you haven’t yet cleaned your teeth, and need to prior to the appointment, please collect your toothbrush from the desk and then retain it for use at home.
  3. When brushing, please do not have the water running continuously (and at home also)


Specialist orthodontics involves careful consideration of long term success. Our patients now bring their own children to see us. That is the highest compliment we can get and we love that we are part of their family, their community.


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